Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sunday Morning Donuts!

This morning, I decided to make donuts for the family (usually I buy muffins for the kids Sunday breakfast, but money it tight this week and I had the ingredients and I had been wanting to make these).   This recipe is found on The Pioneer Woman's website. 

I had to start last night as the dough needed to sit for a few hours.  So I mixed the dough last night, at around 10, while my husband was watching "House" (this episode was a bit intense for me, so I was glad to be in the kitchen). 

This morning, I woke up at around 6:30 (without the alarm, which has become the norm since I had the kids), and started rolling out the dough and then searching for something to cut out donuts with (which I don't have so that means a shopping trip next payday).   I finally used a drinking glass and the opening of a water bottle lid (improvising!).    Then I laid the flat donuts on a wax covered cookie sheet and covered them.  Because the dough had been in the refridgerator all night and I needed it to be warm and rising, I set the cookie sheet on the griddle and set it to "warm".  I put the donut holes on a plate, covered, and set it on the coffee pot which was at the time, making the coffee.  

By 7:30, the kids were up and Heather was waiting patiently for the donuts to rise.  Kylin came in and wanted to know if they were ready, and why they weren't ready.  Then he went into his room and sat on his bed.   I checked on him later and he was just staring out of his window.  Then he said, "You should have gotten up earlier".   Yeah, yeah, yeah.........sure. 

Finally about an hour later, the donuts were ready to fry, and I had told him that once this time had come it would go very quickly.   There was a bit of questioning as to why I didn't make any chocolate frosting, but he will forgive me this time because, it's my first time making these.   Of course once they were finished and glazed, he devoured two of them!  So hopefully he thinks now that they were worth the wait.  

My husband liked them enough to compliment them on his Facebook page.  So I think that I am more than welcome to make them again!  It may be awhile though because they are so good, that I could easily use up all of my daily Weight Watcher's points eating them!

Very tasty!!


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Aslan (or as my son calls him: "Mr. Poop")

I really don't have much to say today, so I thought I'd share this:

Doesn't he look a little happy?  (and yes, I do realize that the title of this post is "Wordless Wednesday" but I felt the need to say something, at least give the picture some acknowledgement).

Friday, May 14, 2010

The Birthday Party "Rules"

Ok, this is my boy.  He will be turning 12 soon, and we've been planning his birthday party.  Now due to his autism, his mind processes and plans differently than ours.  He's very "obey the law or rules" type of person.  However, he's very into everyone else obeying the "laws" that HE makes.   So today, he made a list of rules for his party.
Keep in mind that what he wrote has been influenced by what he's heard in the news lately, and from reading and making "Neighborhood Watch" signs for our house. 

Birthday Partys are Required by Permission Please whrite for who & the time&the Date the Month & the year & the Place & your R.S.V.P. Zipcode & there Adress & there city & there State & there Zipcode & the person who has the party have to be a Legal Resident Under property Laws.  & Non Legal Residents are Prohibited in birthday Partys.  having Non permision birthday Partys you can be arrested or Prosecuted.   it is Legal to have a birthday Party with Permision.  having Partys without Permision is illegal Violators will be Prosecuted."

Isn't that the welcoming party that you want to be invited too?  If I didn't personally know the author of this piece, I'd be puzzled, but since I do, I have to chuckle a bit.  Just one of the many, many unusual things that he'll come up with.


Sunday, May 2, 2010

A Sunday at Home

I'm sitting here surfing the net and trying to make improvements to how my blog looks (trying out new things) on a Sunday morning, during a time when I would normally be leaving for church.  Before I go any further, I will say that the picture of the rose above is huge!  It's from our yard (last year), and to represent spring, I thought it was appropriate.  It just really stands out doesn't it?

So as I stated, I'm here instead of going to church, and that is because I went to church last night.  My daughter & I are teaching 2 & 3 year olds during the Saturday night service this month.   So we can sleep in for both days of the weekend and not just Saturday.   After August, I'll need to leave that job because my son will be graduating to the Jr. High group in the fall, and because of his autism, he really can't sit in the regular church service alone.  

So it's Sunday morning, and we're home and ready for it to be our son's bedtime already.  This kid is all over the place looking for old pieces of cardboard on which he had drawn signs, as well has the large fat pens he used to draw with.  He can't find them, and he doesn't look very hard.  This is a boy who will walk into a cluttered room, scan it and then declare, "It's not here!".    He'll sort of ask, in a demanding tone, that we help him find them.  However, when we help him, he stops looking.  If he doesn't find what he's looking for, then he'll declare that it/they were stolen (yes, robbers came in, and stole cardboard and markers and left all of the electronics).  Then if he still can't find them, he borders on having a meltdown which includes tears.  So we as parents are constantly trying to help him stay focused, and think things through and not to get discouraged, and remind him that he needs to control himself and watch his attitude or he could lose his "good report" and his trip to Sonic in a week and a half.  

So after typing that whole paragraph, the boy finally found the markers and the cardboard.  His sister had been using the markers on a project in her room (not on the walls!).  So now all is well in his world, at 10AM. 

Now, I'm debating on whether or not, it would be wise to take a walk.  The sun was shining when we woke up, but now the skies are cloudy and in Oregon, there's always a good chance of rain (light rain would be ok though).

Happy Sunday!