Friday, May 14, 2010

The Birthday Party "Rules"

Ok, this is my boy.  He will be turning 12 soon, and we've been planning his birthday party.  Now due to his autism, his mind processes and plans differently than ours.  He's very "obey the law or rules" type of person.  However, he's very into everyone else obeying the "laws" that HE makes.   So today, he made a list of rules for his party.
Keep in mind that what he wrote has been influenced by what he's heard in the news lately, and from reading and making "Neighborhood Watch" signs for our house. 

Birthday Partys are Required by Permission Please whrite for who & the time&the Date the Month & the year & the Place & your R.S.V.P. Zipcode & there Adress & there city & there State & there Zipcode & the person who has the party have to be a Legal Resident Under property Laws.  & Non Legal Residents are Prohibited in birthday Partys.  having Non permision birthday Partys you can be arrested or Prosecuted.   it is Legal to have a birthday Party with Permision.  having Partys without Permision is illegal Violators will be Prosecuted."

Isn't that the welcoming party that you want to be invited too?  If I didn't personally know the author of this piece, I'd be puzzled, but since I do, I have to chuckle a bit.  Just one of the many, many unusual things that he'll come up with.


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