Thursday, June 17, 2010

How Do You Get a Tall Boy to Practice Self Control?

You bribe, er, motivate him with ice cream!  Kevin started this with Kylin a few months ago, in that if he had 21 days of "Good Reports", then we would take him to Sonic for the frozen treat of his choice.  The first time that he succeeded was after 21 days of those good reports.  However, that last 7 days were really a struggle for him.  So, we made it a two week deal. 

Tonight, he achieved his "Good Report" prize!

So here's the happy boy.  He's had dinner, and now he wants to fill up on a Reese's Sonic Blast! (It took me at least 3 tries to get him to smile like he was happy and not give me one of his goofy faces.  At least he didn't stick his tongue out this time)

Beulah Land!!

I was very good and had my 4 point ice cream cone (Anyone on Weight Watchers will know what I'm talking about)

He has the prize!!

It's also pretty cool to be the sister of someone who earns trips for any frozen treat!

So long Sonic!  We'll be back, to indulge our sweet tooth, another day (hopefully in two more weeks!)



joysandrewards said... you've gone and made me want to go to Sonic!! And the closest one to me is at least 30 minutes away!! Cute post...cute kids!

H0MEFree said...

Oh my, Beulah Land... that's funny!