Monday, April 19, 2010

Miss "Fonzie"

It's been awhile since I've posted any blog and since I have some recent pictures of Fonzie, I thought that I'd go ahead and post them as well as the little story of how we acquired her.  

About 3 years ago, when we already had 3 young cats, this black & white cat started showing up in our yard regularly.  It tended to like to nap under our shrubs a lot.  We also were keeping our cats' food outside as well, so that may have been the main reason that this new cat kept showing up.

One Saturday, Kevin and Heather thought that they could coax her to come into the house and hopefully make her a pet.

Once she was in our home, it didn't take her long to figure out that she had it made, and from that time, she has made herself at home anywhere and everywhere in our house!

Obviously, by now, she has acclimated to her new home very well, as she seems to feel free to lay in our window sill all of the time (the problem with her sleeping in the windowsill is that after she falls asleep, she falls out of the window, unplugging our DVD player on the way down, after which, she jumps right back up to repeat the process 5-10 minutes later).

Heather gave this new cat the name of "Fonzie".  I have no idea what made her think of this name (especially since the cat is female) as she's never seen an episode of "Happy Days".  Heather just thought it sounded good.

"Are you still here with that camera?  Go away, you bother me!"

(really, she isn't as mad as she looks, however my father-in-law will pester her sometimes to see if she'll become as mad as she looks).


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The Pirate Mom said...

She's a cutie, and the name fits somehow. She reminds me of a cat I had growing up.