Thursday, October 13, 2011

"WALL-E" Day

According to my son, today is "WALL-E" Day.  According to him, 3 years ago, we had planned to go see this movie at the "cheap theater" ($1.50 I think) as a family to see this.  However, on that day, he was "sportin' a 'tude" and had a bit of a meltdown.  So we decided that it would be best if he stayed home, rather than take him and his issues to the theater.   So I took my daughter, just the two of us, while the boy stayed home with his father.   He finally did get to see the movie, about a month later when it came out on DVD and we bought it. 

We didn't think anything more about it until the following year, on this date, that he said it was "WALL-E" Day and we needed to celebrate by watching the movie, and ever since then, October 13 has been the boy's special "holiday".   When he mentioned it last night, my husband wondered aloud just how many years we'd be acknowledging this made up holiday.  I reminded him that our daughter was celebrating a stuffed animal's birthday for nearly 4 years before she moved out of that phase (it did provide this mom with an excuse to make chocolate cake though!).  

Is the last year of celebrating "WALL-E" Day?  Only the boy knows!

Happy "WALL-E" Day!!


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Brenda Eley said...

Wall-e day~Love it, and the movie!