Thursday, July 21, 2011

Morning Exercise

My morning usually starts this way

I hear a cat meowing at the door at around 6:15.  So I get up and get ready to make coffee.  However, at least one of these is waiting to greet me.

Paws & Aslan
So we head downstairs and this is what comes next in our routine.

I hear a cranky meowing at the front door.  So I let Fonzie in and she promptly runs to the door leading to the garage (and the food).  So I let her go out there, and just as I think I have a moment to start grinding coffee beans, I hear Oscar meowing, betting to be let out of the front door.

So, out he goes, to wonder off to our porch furniture and snooze on it, leaving hair on the cushions.

So now we're back to Aslan.  By the time this picture was taken, he had been out in the garage for food, then back into the house, then outside through the back door, then back into the house and now he wants to go back to the garage, as if something about it may have changed since he was there last.

I kept track as to how often I was opening and closing doors in the morning.  The number on this day was 11 times within a one hour period (before I saw any of my human family members).  There was a short time frame in which I did get coffee made.

No one can tell me that I do not exercise! :)



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