Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Empty Boxes

We're currently in the early stages of moving.   Early, in that we're packing all of the decorations and extra items that we aren't using (for example: all of my bakeware is packed because my oven doesn't work).    So we've been asking around to friends, and friends of friends and local grocery stores for boxes.  When the boxes were first brought home they were stacked in front of the house.  It didn't take long before this happened:


And I found this later on,

Fonzie (I will be washing those grocery bags before I use them again..........just in case anyone is looking at this photo and getting grossed out that my son's cat is using them as a comforter or a pillow.)

Hmmmm......When moving day comes, I wonder if this would be a viable way to move the cats?  Just kidding :)


1 comment:

H0MEFree said...

So cute... cats ARE hard to move. LOL
BTW- I loathe moving, really loathe. I hope you can find the joy in it all and in the mundane-ness of it all find yourself worshipping and praying.
Love to ya