Friday, January 30, 2009

The End of the First Month

So January is coming to a close and I'm already feeling that time is moving too fast........because it is.

We're enjoying the dining room set immensely! About a week after the dining room set arrived, my father-in-law brought over my mother-in-law's curio cabinet and it's sitting in the dining room now (as shown in the above pictures). Already the way the house looks is improving!

The next few pieces of furniture that are due to come soon are "new" dressers for Kevin and I. So I've moved my dresser into my son's room (because he's been lacking a real dresser for a few years, because he was too rough on the last one he had, I think he's ready for a real one again....I hope). So I'm currently living out of a couple of suitcases that are sitting in our closet (which one of our cats seems to want to use as his bed). We're also getting night tables. So mine is emptied out and moved into my son's room. My intention is to paint before any new furniture moves in, because right now, we actually have space to walk around and move the bed in order to paint walls.

The fast that I mentioned in my last post is nearly over (just in time for SuperBowl and all of the treats that go with daughter has requested Oreos........I will try to resist those.......or most of them!). It's time to shop for some sugar (not much though)!



BeckeyZ said...

How pretty!!!

I would never dare to post pics of my dining room, unless it was AFTER a tornado hit. It probably wouldn't look much different. LOL!

Bagel's Life @ Home & School said...

I took this picture right after we brought the furniture in, so it was still clean. Right now, my son has the table covered with paper and crayons.