Wednesday, October 29, 2008

We have a stash.........

of tape!
I don't know what it is that is so fascinating about tape with kids. I know that I loved tape as a kid, but I don't remember why. But today's topic title was inspired by my kids when my son asked my daughter if she had any tape in her "stash". My son has such a fascination with tape. My daughter had one when she was younger, but now sees that it's only a necessity for wrapping gifts and fixing pages in her books. My son uses tape for building things and hanging things up. He uses it to hang up pictures on walls, to tape yarn to shoeboxes ,hoping to hook it up to one of the cats so they can pull it like a trailer, or in the case I'm seeing right now, taping it to the back of himself so as he's picking up clutter, he can put it in the box. However, he's realizing that the tape won't hold the box and everything he's putting it in.

Before my son discovered tape, there was plenty available for gift wrapping, closing boxes to mail, and preparing to paint. Not anymore. We are always rather hardpressed to find tape in the house. I have hidden it and he's found it.

Maybe for Christmas, we should just give him a box of tape for his own........that blue painter's tape so as not to wreck the paint on the walls.

Lp (as I end this, he is still trying to tape a box to the back of his shirt)

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BeckeyZ said...

LOL!!! My kids are the same way. I bought one of those multi-tape packages recently. It had 5 tape dispensers. While reading your post, I looked over at where they should be and there is only one roll left. Actually, I'm suprised that one is still there.

Count your blessings, at least they're not eating glue.